Zwei is the pet dog of Ruby Rose and Yang Xiao Long. He first appeared in the episode "Field Trip," when he was mailed to Beacon Academy by the girls' father, Taiyang Xiao Long.

Appearance Edit

Zwei is a black-headed tricolor Pembroke Welsh Corgi. His tail is short and stubby, but it is nowhere near the length that would indicate him as being a Cardigan Welsh Corgi.

Personality Edit

Zwei exhibits a very cheerful and playful personality, as seen when he licked Ruby and barked happily after being cuddled by Weiss Schnee. He also playfully imitates Yang Xiao Long's behavior.

Zwei also attempts to make friends with Blake Belladonna, even though her feline Faunus instincts cause her to react with some nervousness to his presence.

Zwei is shown to be very intelligent for a dog. Not only does he react appropriately to Ruby's commands, he also seems to be smart enough to use mechanical tools: when Weiss wonders how Zwei will eat his canned dog food and a can opener drops out of his tube, Yang cheerfully drops the issue, implying that he can use it.

Zwei immediately formed a close relationship with Bartholomew Oobleck, refusing to leave his side.

Abilities and Powers Edit

Zwei is a very intelligent dog, implied by Yang to be able to use mechanical tools such as can openers, and responding correctly to Ruby's questions when needed. As a dog, he has the requisite heightened senses of smell and hearing, which allowed him to find the White Fang soldiers in "Mountain Glenn."

Likely due to his Aura, Zwei has been shown to perform feats no normal dog can do. He was first introduced compressing himself into a tube, alongside hundreds of cans of dog food and a can opener for an undisclosed amount of time without any ill effects on his body.

Later, in "No Brakes," he is shown to be fireproof and very durable, as seen when he destroys an Atlesian Paladin-290 by being lit on fire and launched by Oobleck. This is demonstrated once more in "Breach," where he survives the train explosion by taking shelter inside a Paladin, then proceeds to headbutt and defeat a nearby Beowolf.

Trivia Edit

  • His name is likely a reference to the Cowboy Bebop character Ein, who is also a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, though of a different coloring. Ein is the German word for "one," while Zwei is German for "two."
  • Zwei is the first living non-Grimm animal to make a physical appearance in the show.
  • Like Ein from Cowboy Bebop, Zwei can bark once meaning 'Yes' and twice meaning 'No' ( Zwei did not bark twice for 'no' yet)
  • Zwei is voiced by Meg Turney's Dachshund, Penny, credited as both Mrs. PennyApple and Penny Layne Matthews.
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