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Patricia "Yssa" Badiola is a 2D animator at Rooster Teeth and is the lead animator of Camp Camp and Nomad of Nowhere, having even directed or co-directed episodes of both. Yssa also worked on X-Ray and Vav and Sex Swing (being the lead animator there too), and co-hosted RWBY Rewind during the first season of said show, before leaving to join the writer's room of RWBY, and Fan Service starting in 2018.

A graduate of the California College of the Arts, during her time in college she drew a variant cover for an Adventure Time issue. Before going to Rooster Teeth in 2015, Yssa worked for the studios Titmouse and Bentobox (in the latter, animating the short-lived Fox series Bordertown).

Her Tumblr blog had the url dearbassy prior to her accidentally deleting all of her Tumblr blogs and side-blogs. [1]