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Yotam Perel is an Israeli Adobe Flash animator known for his incredibly dark, surreal humor, and has even had roles in some TV series as a writer/composer. He provides the voice of Harrison in Camp Camp, and had many of his cartoons showcased on Neon Konbini.


  • He began experimenting with Flash in 2003, and became well-known on Newgrounds.
  • In 2007, some of his animations were picked up by the Albino Black Sheep animation studio, leading to more widespread popularity.
  • In 2012, he was the number one most subscribed comedian on YouTube (in Israel), had over 4 million views on Newgrounds and Albino Black Sheep, had lost a bunch of weight and has had other popular YouTubers (such as Egoraptor and Max Gilardi) appear in his videos.
  • Since he lives in Israel, he has to submit his lines for Harrison remotely, instead of recording in a booth with the production crew.

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