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Victor Joseph "Vic" Mignogna is an American actor, voice actor, and musician best known for his anime and video game voice work. He was born August 27, 1962 in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. In 1986, Vic graduated from Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, earning a B.S. in Television production.

Some of his more well known roles include Edward Elric in Full Metal Alchemist, Tamaki Suoh in Ouran High School Host Club, and Broly in Dragon Ball Z. Vic developed, directed, and starred in the webseries Star Trek Continues as Captain Kirk from 2012-2017.

Vic voiced Qrow Branwen in Rooster Teeth's animated series RWBY until 2019, when the company announced that they were cutting ties with him due to sexual harassment allegations against Vic.


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