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So...uhh, intro...yeah

Rooster Teeth fan since 2012, if i could travel back in time, i'd tell young(er) me - trust me, this shit is great, get into it...but that's not a thing, so...i'll just accept that i'm pretty much a latecomer

Really not sure why i put off watching Red vs Blue and RWBY for so long (see the derogatory statement in the previous sentence)

Me after finishing each Volume of RWBY: 

Volume 1 - Alright, i could really get into this show.

Volume 2 - I had a hunch the protagonists would pull through.


Volume 4 - Well that was a relief, so gla....YOU MOTHERFUCKERS, WHAT IS WITH YOU AND CLIFFHANGERS?!

Volume 5 - IT HAPPENED! We got a volume finale that felt good AND without any cliffhangers - The wrtiting really IS improving.

Volume 6 - All I see is people whining that the story wasn't good, I kinda see the point, but I enjoyed the story and the volume - and no, I don't believe that "BMBLB" will become canon, stop forcing it down my throat, FNDM.

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I'm so sorry

30 minutes well spent


Red vs Blue seasons (In order):

  1. Project Freelancer 2 (Season 10)
  2. Chorus Trilogy 3 (Season 13)
  3. Revelation (Season 8)
  4. Project Freelancer 1 (Season 9)
  5. Recreation (Season 7)
  6. Chorus Trilogy 2 (Season 12)
  7. Chorus Trilogy 1 (Season 11)
  8. Reconstruction (Season 6)
  9. Nicolosi Season I (Unsure of Title) (Season 15)
  10. Blood Gulch Chronicles V (Season 5)
  11. Anthology 1 (Season 14)
  12. Blood Gulch Chronicles I (Season 1)
  13. Blood Gulch Chronicles III (Season 3)
  14. Blood Gulch Chronicles IV (Season 4)
  15. Blood Gulch Chronicles II (Season 2)
  16. Nicolosi Season 2 (The Shisno Paradox) (Season 16)

(FTR: Of course I've liked (almost) EVERY season of RvB - it's just a matter of which one that had the most memorable moments from - and somehow, the BGC never really struck me, that said, it IS fucking hilarious, naturally)

Top 10 Songs on Red vs Blue Soundtracks:

  1. Mental Meta Metal
  2. On Your Knees
  3. Now That We've Come So Far
  4. Contact
  5. Fatum Iustum Stultorum I & II
  6. Half Life
  7. Spiral
  8. Agent Tex
  9. Red Vs. Blue
  10. Fragments

RWBY Volume: 

  1. Volume 5
  2. Volume 3
  3. Volume 6
  4. Volume 4
  5. Volume 2
  6. Volume 1

Top 10 Songs on RWBY Soundtracks

  1. Sacrifice
  2. Bad Luck Charm
  3. Lusus Naturae
  4. Armed and Ready
  5. Home
  6. Divide
  7. Cold
  8. Time to Say Goodbye
  9. Red Like Roses - Part II
  10. Die

Top 5 RT Shorts:

  1. Paper Cut
  2. Scissors
  3. Twelve Days of Rooster Teeth
  4. Noted to Death
  5. Stage 5 Facility Tour

Top 5 Immersion:

  1. Simulation Racer
  2. Metal Gear Solid (Both pairs)
  3. Five Nights (Both pairs)
  4. Fallout 4
  5. Split Screen

Top 10 On The Spot:

  1. Jack and Joel Vs. Geoff and Gavin (Episode 10)
  2. A Horde of Orgasms (Episode 99)
  3. How to Accept an Oscar (Episode 51)
  4. The Motorboat Incident (Episode 66)
  5. My Bag of Emotions (Episode 22)
  6. Need That Elephant Seed (Episide 61)
  7. The Load Bearing Stripper Pole (Episode 27)
  8. Dracula Fights Werewolf (Episode 113)
  9. I Don't Have A Problem! (Episode 74)
  10. Party Time with Satan's Prophets (Episode 54)

Favourite Play Pals: 

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator

Favourite Episode of The Gauntlet:

Series 2 Episode 2 - The Interviews

Top 5 RTAAs:

  1. Burnie & The Name Game
  2. Sticks and Flowers
  3. Construction Conspiracy
  4. Headlight Fluid
  5. Joel vs Technology

Favourite RT People:

All of them - why would i single out anyone when they all do so much fantastic work?! Of course if i had to pick one, it would be Monty, i know it seems cliche, but look at how hard he worked, the time and effort he put into the projects he was involved in is what put it where it is today, he changed RvB, created RWBY and just made everything i watch today so entertaining, a legacy continued by those he worked so close with.

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