I first heard of Rooster Teeth back in 2006, when Red vs. Blue was about to be on Wikipedia's main page. Yet for the better part of a decade these guys eluded me, aside from mentions in places such as TV Tropes. And then in 2017 I decided to finally watch RvB. It won me right away, and I binged it all. I followed it by watching RWBY, which was going through volume 5 (and Chibi, which I end up rewatching more often than the main show, as it's funny, concise, and there's only so many times you're willing to enter a video knowing it will hit you right in the feels). Then why not go on the other animated series with Camp Camp? Last thing I know, I've watched X-Ray & Vav, some of the RT shorts, Ten\Eleven Little Roosters, Nomad of Nowhere... in short, those guys in Austin just keep on winning me over (even if I rarely want to see the video game content and the podcasts), just like all the reviewers I met through Channel Awesome. And given how RT thrived while that company eventually turned out to be a mismanagement mess, it also shows how Burnie & co are as good in an entrepreneurial sense as with the comedy they write. Maybe I should even break out of my laziness and use all those graphical programs at home (from Photoshop to Maya) to do things that the RT community might like. In the meantime, I edit this wiki, along with the ones for the shows. And the Wikipedia experience that already introduced me to RT also led to me get adminship, what do you know!

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