RT Shorts - Twelve Days of Rooster Teeth

RT Shorts - Twelve Days of Rooster Teeth

Twelve Days of Rooster Teeth is an RT Short released to promote the Rooster Teeth Store for Christmas 2014. It was released on November 14, 2014. It is a parody of "The Twelve Days of Christmas" by Frederic Austin, with new lyrics by Blaine Gibson. The piano is played by Weston Bishop, while the lead vocals are provided by Emily McBride and Jon Risinger.

Summary Edit

The Rooster Teeth staff tries to promote the merchandise they have in the store for the holiday season, but mayhem ensues.

  1. A Bobblehead Toy of Burnie: Gus Sorola shows up and destroys Burnie's bobblehead before replacing it with his own.
  2. Two Fancy Ties: Ryan Haywood and Brandon Farmahini grow increasingly frustrated with each other until they engage in an all out brawl.
  3. Three Comfy PJs: Meg Turney, Ashley Jenkins, and Chris Demarais have a sleepover on the RT Podcast set, but Chris becomes possessed after they use a ouija board, and eventually strangles them and a priest (Cole Gallian) they called in.
  4. Four RWBY Plushies: Lindsay Jones sings in Ruby's voice while having the plushies dance around. On the 12th day, they get replaced by Gus's bobblehead.
  5. Five Golden Yangs: Barbara Dunkelman gets annoyed that the song is ignoring the fact she's Jewish. She tries (and fails) to make her part more Hanukkah-themed. On the 12th Day she remarks to Pongo that "no one understands us."
  6. Six Pints of Beer: Blaine Gibson drinks beer. Unfortunately, this just makes him progressively drunk, eventually throwing up on the 12th day.
  7. Seven Awesome Beanies: Matt Bragg, Jeremy Dooley, Kdin Jenzen, J.J. Castillo, Maggie Tominey, Kyle Taylor, and Josh Ornelas try to show off the seven beanies in the store, but Kyle is a zombie and eventually infects everyone else.
  8. Eight RT Posters: Kerry Shawcross shows off the posters they have, but on the 12th Day he catches Barbara drawing dicks on them.
  9. Nine Decks of Cards: Jordan Cwierz showers himself in the souvenir playing cards they have in the store, but just ends up covered in papercuts.
  10. Ten Reds and Blues: The Reds and Blues, led by Grif (Geoff Ramsey). On the 12th day Sarge beats him up.
  11. Eleven Bearded Adams: Eleven Adam Ellises. That's it.
  12. Twelve Days to Live: The Grim Reaper (Josh Flanagan) stands in flames staring at the camera.
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