Thomas "Tom" Booker is an American actor, improv comedian, writer, voice actor, and director. Tom grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma where he attended the University of Oklahoma.

Career Edit

Tom is a well known improvisation comedian. He is the owner of The Institution Theater, an improv comedy theater located in Austin, Texas.

Tom provides the voice for Keel Lorenz in Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death & Rebirth as well as its sequel.

Along with voice acting, Tom has had several minor roles in various films and television shows.

Within Rooster Teeth Edit

Tom has made multiple appearances competing on Rooster Teeth's gameshow On The Spot.

He also acted as Archie in the iBlade trilogy and as various characters in RT Shorts. Tom makes a cameo as a doctor in Rooster Teeth's feature film, Lazer Team.

Trivia Edit

  • Was the mascot of the University of Oklahoma during his undergrad.

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