This One Goes to Eleven is the tenth episode of Season 8 of Red Vs. Blue, also known as Red Vs. Blue: Revelations. In this episode a returning Tex dominates the Reds and Tucker while Caboose watches.

Characters Edit

Plot Edit

The episode starts with the Red Team trying to flee from a returned Tex, Sarge running backwards to shoot at her with his shotgun. However, even with Simmons switching to a rocket launcher and the addition of Tucker to their side, they still can't touch Tex. One case in particular ends badly for Grif.

Sarge: "Private Grif, you should be ashamed of yourself. We've run out of ammo again! That's your responsibility!"

Grif: "Huh, i guess that's the first time my laziness has ever saved my - (Tex steps on his chest) OOF! PROTECT ME CONE!"

Simmons: Watch it!


In the end, the only times Tex is even hit at all are of her doing, with the exception of one right at the end as Church, in a new set of his old cobalt armor, hits her in the back of the head with his old monitor body. Grif takes the worst punishment of the group, taking multiple hits to the nuts.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite being the most prominent character in the episode, Tex has no lines whatsoever
  • Grif takes most of his hits to the nuts, including one where he was hit by Tex using an ammo-less Sarge's shotgun as a golf club while Grif held a traffic cone.
    • Sarge again states that Grif is in charge of ammo, as his shotgun was empty when Tex tried shooting Grif with it.
    • Fan fiction author KhaosOmega is a big fan of this episode, the bit involving the traffic cone in particular, to the point his self-based character Jet periodically has "PROTECT ME CONE!" (sometimes preceded by the preliminary lines) randomly exclaim via his scouter.
  • Sarge stating the fact he felt defeated yet rejuvenated after a Tex-thrown crate's contents spilled on top of him (Tucker slashed the crate open with his sword) is because the crate contained health packs.
  • Tucker's teleporter problem returns again, this time confusing Simmons (whose rocket launcher first-person shot has the Halo 2 HUD super-imposed) as he couldn't tell which Tex was the real one.
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