Jack Edit

  • Part 2, on Gavin Free via blunderbuss he found in a box in front of Gavin

Geoff Edit

  • Part 4, on Michael Jones with a shotgun as he Titanic'd Team Best Friend (Michael and Brandon). His Tommy Gun had run out of ammo earlier.
  • Part 4, with a khukri (his second attempt, Jeremy got him with a frying pan before he could get the first one)

Jeremy Edit

  • How To: The Ship, on an AI with a syringe
  • How To: The Ship. on Matt (who witnessed the syringed AI's death) via rolling pin ("ANGRY SITCOM WIFE!") (Matt took two revolver bullets and lived)
  • How To: The Ship, on an AI via wallet bomb (won the game with it)
  • Part 4, on Geoff Ramsey via syringe (Michael thwarted his first attempt on Ryan Haywood)

Michael Edit

  • Part 4, on Jeremy with an axe ("Guess what, you're mine!") after using the same axe to deny Jeremy a syringe kill on Ryan
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