The Rooster Teeth Wiki
The Rooster Teeth Wiki
This outlines the user page policy.
  1. Each user is entitled to customize their own user page.
  2. If offensive material is found on their page, an admin will remove the material and block the user, length depending on how severe it is.
  3. A user may not edit another user's profile page unless the other user gives his permission, and we can see the permission the editor's talk page.
  4. Any user with an inappropriate username will be blocked on sight.


Personal images are allowed on user pages. However, please keep the following in mind:

  • All images are subject to Fandom and Rooster Teeth Wiki policy. For example, inappropriate images will be deleted and the unloader may receive a warning or a ban.
  • Unused uploads will be removed. Make sure your image is added to your user page.
  • Please keep your uploads to a minimum, as far as data size and quantity of images.
  • If your personal images are important, keep a separate backup elsewhere. Many wikis become over grown and are forced to prune images used only on user pages. Rooster Teeth Wiki may be nowhere near that point but, it could still happen in the future.
  • Feel free to use any existing wiki images on your user page. Remember: users re-upload and crop images from time-to-time.