Hello and thank you for your interest in joining our project. This project is managed by Sarge and Church (actual leader to be determined later). We are in charge of expanding Red vs. Blue pages


  1. You must add accurate information to each page
  2. Only your edits to Red vs. Blue pages are safe from undoing, unless they are inaccurate
  3. Be respectful of edits from non-team members
  4. In the category box, add Red vs. Blue Expansion, this will show other users that the article is under the team's jurisdiction, this does NOT mean that the article is to be editied by only members of the team
  5. You can undo edits by other users if you deem them to be unhelpful
  6. Articles listed in the categories below may not be the only articles that are in need of the Team's attention


If you wish to join, put your name here

  1. Socksucker
  2. CROAgent
  3. Kaine522

High Priority

Any page that severely lacks information and any new RvB related page is to be put here

The majority of RvB pages need updated with new information, particularly the character pages. There are also many pages that need to be created, e.g. for characters such as Carolina and the Director. I realize this isn't the Red vs. Blue Wiki and that we won't need a page for every minor character, rather just characters necessary to the plot. - Socksucker

Medium Priority

Any page where updates are still being made, but there is still enough information on it is to be put here



Other Pages

Low Priority

Pages with up-to-date information is to be put here. Do not work on these articles until all the High Priority ones are finished.

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