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Before you begin, there are some editing rules that you need to follow:

  1. Use proper grammar and spelling, it will make it easier for others to understand what you're trying to say.
  2. This is wiki is supposed to be informative. Every little bit of information helps!
  3. Make all articles objective and accurate. Use factual information, opinions belong in the comments, not in the articles.
  4. If your edit was undone for some reason and you believe it to be accurate, leave a comment on the article. The entire community here will discuss it with you.
  5. As far as user pages, only edit your own user page. You can leave messages on another user's talk page, but you can't do anything else to it.
  6. We recommend creating a Fandom account (if you haven't done so already).
  7. In certain situations, brand new pages may be protected against new and unregistered users. In very special cases a page may be completely locked down.

If you want to edit articles, good places to gather information are either on Rooster Teeth's YouTube channel, any of the staff's Tweets and Facebook posts, or the staff and cast pages on the Rooster Teeth Website.

If you want to voice your opinion, please take it to the wiki's forum. There, you can also ask an admin for assistance on any matter.

Undoing Edits

Users have the right to undo the most recent edit on most articles. This feature exists so anyone can quickly undo spam. If you see spam with 2+ consecutive edits, feel free to contact an admin or user with rollback rights.


See the Rooster Teeth Wiki: Administrative Requests page if you are requesting a user to be banned, or a page to be renamed, deleted, or protected.


The following table outlines activity that can be punished by any of the admins on this wiki. Some activity will give you a couple warnings, but, depending on how major of an issue the problem is, the punishment may come without any warnings. Also, the admins are a small group of people, we greatly appreciate other users helping us find any users doing punishable activity.

Activity Description Number of Warnings Type of Punishment

Putting in clearly false, detrimental or biased information into an article, or replacing/deleting the entirety of the article content

If vandalism is blatant (i.e Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Xenophobia) then it classes as two warnings

  • (1st time): 3 Days
  • (2nd time): 1 Week
  • (3rd time): Indefinite
Spamming Advertising or linking anything that is unrelated to this wiki 1 3 Day Ban
Removing Accurate Information Removing any information that was said or shown on any Rooster Teeth media 2 1 Week
Language Putting in sexually explicit or curse words in an article 2 1 Week Ban
Edit Warring

When an admin or other user undoes your edit and you put it back in before finding out why it was undone

Note: Users, do not undo edits without a good reason to do so

2 1 Month Ban
Adding Pornographic Photos Putting in any sexually explicit photos None Permanent
Harassing Other Users Annoying them, calling them names, undoing all of the users edits None Permanent, victim's talk page is locked for a week, to protect him/her from further harassment by another user 
Threatening Other Users Different from harassing in that the user in question blatanly threatened another with physical violence or death. You will be banned for this even if it was just a joke.We take threats very seriously on this wiki. None

Banned Indefinitely, victim's talk page is locked for a week for protection

Using Alternate Accounts A user that has created and is using another account to get around the punishment. None Original account ban time is reset, alternate account is banned indefinitely. If the original account had a permanent ban, then the user's IP will be blocked, preventing them from editing on this wiki in any way or form.
Inappropriate Ban Request The person requesting a ban did not provide a valid ban request (not linking the user or the page where the edit was made, citing the wrong reason {user must be guilty of another bannable behavior}) or the user intentionally fills in a false request (The reporter cites a reason that the reportee was not guilty of, reportee is not guilty of any other bannable behavior, user cites a reason that is not defined on this page)

1 (for invalid request)

0 (false request)

If it was an invalid request, the reporter receives a warning, a repeat of an invalid request will lead to a 3 Day Ban

A false request will lead to the reporter being banned for 1 Year 

Repeated Display of Unacceptable Behavior The user continues to violate policies upon being unpunished None

The ban duration is upgraded

  • 3 Day --> 1 Week
  • 1 Week --> 1 Month
  • 1 Month --> 1 Year
  • 1 Year --> Indefinite