Hello and thank you for expressing interest in being part of our project! This project is managed by (Project leader to be decided later). We are tasked with the fixing of any grammatical errors found in the wiki.


  1. You must look at articles for grammatical errors and fix them.
  2. You must use American English only.
  3. You cannot undo edits if they are not grammar related.
  4. Only your grammar edits are safe from undoing, however if you put in other material with your grammar edits, then your edits risk being undone if the other material is incorrect.
  5. If an article is marked done, it doesn't mean it's done and it may appear here for more refurbishment.
  6. Just because an article isn't anywhere on this page doesn't mean that it isn't in need of work.


Place your name here if you wish to join.

  1. MRKN
  2. D.Skitty
  3. 88forthewin
  4. Alexae

High Priority

Place articles that are in major need of a grammar check. New articles will be included.

Medium Priority

Place articles that need grammar edits, but do not need immediate attention. This includes older articles with information being added regularly.

Low Priority

Articles with little to no grammar errors and articles with small edits are to be added here and are only to be worked on once all High Priority articles are finished.

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