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Here is where you can vote for your favorite article on the wiki, which will be displayed on the front page in the following month.

Note: The 'Featured Article' system is currently not in use. This page remains as an archive.

Rules for Voting[]

  1. You are given one vote in support and one vote in oppostion. If you want to support/oppose something else, you must delete your previous support/oppose
  2. Sign your votes using "~~~~".
  3. Don't just vote, give reasons why you are voting the way you are
  4. Any vote that breaks these rules will be deleted
  5. No article can be nominated to be featured again until at least 3 months have passed.


Vote and link your articles here. April's featured article vote will end on March 30, 2013


Gavin Free[]

The Tower of Pimps[]

Recently Featured Articles[]

Do NOT nominate articles that show up here on this list

Article When Was It Featured When Can It Be Featured Again
RWBY March 2013 June 2013