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This page is where users may ask admins for various things, all admins are encouraged to keep this page on their "follow" list.

Blocking Requests[]

Project Creation Request Archive

If a user is shown to violate policy and/or display punishable behavior as outlined on the Policies page, link their name here, and give the page(s) where the behavior was found, an admin will look through the reportee's contribution log and the page(s)'s history to check for the activity. Also provide your name so that we know who's reporting.

Project Creation Request[]

If you have an idea for a project and want to start it up, put it here. Make sure you include a short description of the project and who's requesting it as well as a list of at least 3 other users who are willing to work on the project (admins will not create a project if the user wants to wants to fly solo on said project). You MUST be a registered user to request a project.

Remove Project Leader[]

Project leaders are not to be removed without an admin's approval. To remove one, put the leader's name here, which project he is on, and why you want him removed, then a project vote will take place to vote the leader out of power.

Rename Page[]

If you created a page, but misspelled the title, or the title of a page changes, put in the request here and an admin shall rename the page.

Deleting a Page[]

If you created a page you don't want, or believe that a page has too little information to actually be a page, then put it here and an admin will determine whether it should be deleted.

Page Locking[]

If you believe a page is under high traffic from vandals or because of a new show, put the request here. Note: as stated on the policy page, if a user is being harassed/threatened, his/her talk page is automatically locked for a week to prevent further harassing/threatening.