The Lab is a super-exciting new venture, born of the Live Action Department. We've created a team that are super mobile and able to run out and shoot something at a moment's notice. We're all 'Producers' meaning that everyone on the team can write, shoot and edit so we can all collaborate and switch up the roles. It's so creative - I love it.
Ellie Main, interview with BIGBITE Magazine

The Lab is a title used to categorize miscellaneous videos made by Rooster Teeth. Typically, these videos are short and don't quite fit in any other Rooster Teeth series. In the past, videos have been made to describe RTX, show off website updates, and was used as the label for 'Drunk Red vs. Blue: The Lost Episode'.

Sub-series Edit

Me vs Drunk MeEdit

An interview is conducted comparing the same person while sober and drunk. Using Movie Magic,[1] the screen is split down the middle to combine the interview.

Skill TreeEdit

Ellie Main is challenged with tasks to survive the apocalypse. This sub-series concluded after 5 episodes:

  • Stealth
  • Agility
  • Survival
  • Combat
  • Transport

Founders ThrowbackEdit

The Rooster Teeth founders commentate old videos like RT Shorts.

Rapid FireEdit

A quick-paced Question/Answer show hosted by Neal Werle.


Staff utilize the props department and spend no money on challenges.

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