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And Then There Were Three is the seventh episode of Rooster Teeth's murder mystery series Ten Little Roosters, first released on December 16, 2014.


The episode opens with an 'In Memoriam' montage accompanied by Barbara playing 'Taps' on her cats piano - the montage itself includes images of the murdered party guests drawn in the style of 'Animated Adventures'. As Barbara leaves, she accidentally triggers a tripwire which releases the puma from its cage.

The puma pursues all of the guests in turn, starting with Miles who hides behind a gate to escape the puma. Barbara is then chased by the puma but she is able to fend it off by playing her cat piano. Afterwards, the puma chases after Ryan and manages to back him into a wall. Seeing this, Lindsay says that she can speak 'Puma' and distracts it to let Ryan escape.

The Murder[]

"Four Little Roosters still trying to flee,

One got what they wanted and then there were three."
  • Victim: Lindsay Jones
  • Murder Weapon: Puma

Lindsay is able to successfully distract the puma long enough to let Ryan escape, and she continues to talk to the puma as it approaches her. However, as it gets near she realizes too late how big the puma is, and is promptly mauled to death.