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And Then There Were Four is the sixth episode of Rooster Teeth's murder mystery series Ten Little Roosters, first released on the 9th of December 2014.


The episode opens with a fake broadcast of 'The Know' created by Lindsay in a desperate attempt to get some outside attention of the situation - the broadcast also includes a recap of all of the previous murders. Midway through, Barbara wanders in to add that Ryan is still trapped in the underground chamber, leaving to go and find an axe to help him escape.

Ryan, meanwhile, is slowly running out of oxygen and is trying to distract himself from his imminent death - this includes talking to props as if they were real people, reenacting scenes from movies and talking to himself. As oxygen levels continue to diminish, he is shown going insane. Eventually he is found sprawled on the floor taking what seems to be his last breath. Ryan seemingly dies due to lack of oxygen and his portrait is shown on the wall however, seconds later, his portrait and the plaque falls off and shatters. This shattering sound is identical to that of glass shatter as he escapes from the hole by somehow breaking the glass himself.

Adam is shown to be trying to blend into the walls of the Motion Capture area, as Miles uses Monty's computer to try and find his emergency beacon.

The Murder[]

"Five Little Roosters, one trapped in the floor,

One ran out of air and then there were four."

  • Victim: Adam Ellis
  • Weapon: Computer Mouse

Adam notices Miles in Monty's office and moves to grab his attention, but the killers appears behind him and begins strangling him with the cord of the computer mouse. Since Adam is wearing a MoCap suit at the time, the murder appears on Monty's computer and is noticed by Miles, but he interprets the movements as choreography for Red vs. Blue. As Adam dies, Miles grows disinterested as he assumes that Adam's body is Monty 'Just lying there' and he leaves the office, never noticing Adam's strangulation.