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And Then There Were Five is the fifth episode of Rooster Teeth's murder mystery series Ten Little Roosters, first released on the 2nd of December 2014. This episode introduces the cast of the series, as well as establishing the murder mystery that will drive the story for the rest of the series.

The Plot[]

Ryan wakes up after collapsing in the previous episode, only to realise that he has been trapped a room in the ground. He successfully manages to get Barbara's attention, and learns from her that the room he's trapped is the old prop room that fell through a sinkhole two weeks prior. Ryan asks for Barbara's help in escaping, but she is unsuccessful in doing so, annoying Ryan. After he accuses Barbara of being the killer and trapping him in the room, an offended Barbara abandons Ryan to try and find an axe to break him out.

Meanwhile, Gus is still writing his poetry in his office, with scenes of his poetry-writing interspersed with Lindsay's attempts to hide in another office.

Miles continues his search for working internet, finding Adam in one of the offices - Adam has now changed into a MoCap suit in an attempt to blend in and has obtained some headphones in an attempt to 'make things less scary' by blocking out scary noises. Adam begins snarking about Miles' outfit, but it is brushed off as Miles remembers that Monty Oum has an emergency beacon hidden in his office to call the police - Miles decides to head there whilst Adam chooses to go to Motion Capture in hopes to blend in with the surroundings there.

The Murder[]

"Six Little Roosters, some often streamed live,

One died to scale and then there were five."

  • Victim: Gus Sorola
  • Weapon: Pitchfork

As Gus is working in his office, there is a knock on the door of the office. Frustrated by the distraction, Gus goes to answer the door and finds himself face-to face with the killer wielding a pitchfork. Frozen with shock, Gus gets impaled by the killer and collapses to the floor with the pitchfork still in his stomach.