Steven Suptic, formerly known as "MlgHwnT", is a vlogger, podcast host, content creator, and founder of the channel Sugar Pine 7. He is engaged to his girlfriend and occasional Sugar Pine 7 actress, Alyssa Terry.

Prior to Rooster Teeth Edit

Steven's YouTube career began in 2012. Until 2015, he primarily created let's plays in the game Minecraft.[1]

Doing what I’m passionate about is a dream and getting the call to pack up for California and join Discovery Digital Networks is beyond thrilling. I am excited to collaborate with the most creative minds in the industry…and to build a career based solely on Minecraft videos for the rest of my life.
— Steven Suptic[2]

On March 16, 2015, Steven and Reina Scully began a gaming channel named "Super Panic Frenzy" under Philip DeFranco in the SourceFed office.[3] The channel hosted let's play videos with a wide variety of video games. The channel concluded on August 9, 2016.

In addition to Super Panic Frenzy, Steven was a host and writer[4] for the SourceFed news-based videos.

On March 25, 2017, SourceFed was cancelled. Coincidentally, this was only months after Steven began his vlogging career on YouTube. Steven's first video in 'vlog format' was This Is What a Vacation in Iceland Is Like., detailing Steven and his fiance, Alyssa, and their trip to Iceland. A month later, the first vlog in the Alternative Lifestyle series, Sourcefed is Cancelled. was uploaded Steven's personal channel. During this time, the channel was simply known as "StevenSuptic".[5] Many of these early vlogs are labeled as part of "the stevensuptic experience"[?].

Also in March, 2017, Steven and Reina began a podcast named "Boys Only Club". The show's first episode was on Steven's channel, the second on Reina's channel, and the rest on a separate channel.

Sugar Pine 7 Edit

After the season one finale of Alternative Lifestyle, Steven's personal channel was officially renamed from "StevenSuptic" to "Sugar Pine 7". During this time, affiliation began with Rooster Teeth and the Let's Play Family.

Since becoming involved with Rooster Teeth, Steven has appeared in multiple productions. Steven and Cib have appeared on Always Open. James DeAngelis and Cib were contestants on On The Spot, while Steven hosted.

He has participated in several Achievement Hunter and Let's Play related videos as well, this including appearances in other Let's Play affiliated channels such as Funhaus and Cow Chop.

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