"Stalled: A Mexican Standoff" is an RT Short uploaded to YouTube on April 15, 2011. It is the sixteenth short from Season 3 of Rooster Teeth Shorts. Joel gets robbed in a public restroom.



The short opens with Joel at a urinal when a mugger holds him at gunpoint demanding his wallet. Joel claims that he can't get it due to the fact that stopping will burn and he can't let go because he's "not a straightshooter". While the mugger tries to retrieve Joel's wallet from his pocket a police officer makes his presence known and attempts to place the mugger under arrest. Tensions raise when a janitor enters and a disagreement occurs over his nationality. When a broom drops, the police officer and the mugger shoot with the janitor being the only one not caught in the crossfire. The short ends with the janitor cleaning up the blood.



Stalled A Mexican Standoff – RT Shorts

Stalled A Mexican Standoff – RT Shorts

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