Stage 5 Facility Tour is an RT Short published on YouTube on April 19, 2015. Come join us as we take a tour of the brand new Rooster Teeth Studios!

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Summary Edit

Burnie shows the audience the new office, Stage 5. Playing off the last tour video, in which he acts very aggressive towards the other workers, he is popping pills the entire video. He shows off the green screen, motion tracking suits, and talks about RTX with an obviously nervous Barbara. He then tries to show off the Achievement Hunter office, but the door is locked. Burnie figures they're trying to make him look like a fool and takes off his pants, covering them in gasoline. The Achievement Hunters show up, and Aaron and Blaine attempt to restrain Burnie while he pleads with Gavin to run away with him. Burnie breaks free and escapes from the offices in a police car.

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