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Social Disorder is a live-action hidden camera show by Rooster Teeth Productions. In the series, Chris Demarais and Aaron Marquis create elaborate social experiments and pranks in order to compete against one another for points. Whoever completes the objective for the experiment—or gets the most points for creativity, absurdity, style, etc. -- wins that episode. Episodes were uploaded every other Saturday interchanging with Happy Hour. In Season 2, the winner of each episode was decided by a fan vote instead of a points system.

The first episode premiered at RTX 2014 and was released to the public September 13, 2014.

Season 1 concluded on November 29, 2014 with Aaron winning the most episodes for the season.

It was later revealed on the Rooster Teeth Podcast that a pilot was made for a TV version of Social Disorder, although the network that ordered the pilot ultimately chose not to pick it up.[1]


Season 1

Episode Description Winner Air Date Link
1: The Body Bag Experiment Aaron and Chris challenge each other to drag a body bag across the city from their apartment to the river in less than 30 minutes... With a little help from innocent bystanders. Chris September 13, 2014 1
2: The Sex Survey Experiment Chris and Aaron conduct a sex survey and attempt to sign people up for a sexual deviancy class...however, they wrote each other's survey, and have no idea what the questions are beforehand. Chris September 27, 2014 2
3: The Speed Dating Challenge Chris and Aaron go speed dating and compete to see who can match up with the most people... The twist is that they each wrote note-cards for each other and must do whatever the cards say before each date. Aaron October 11, 2014 3
4: The Garage Sale Chris and Aaron compete to see who can make the most money at a garage sale. However, Aaron is only allowed to sell serial killer merchandise while Chris must somehow sell celebrity stalker memorabilia. Aaron November 1, 2014 4
5: The Limo Tour Aaron and Chris give tours of Austin in a run-down limo. However, they don't know the tour stops, because when one is the tour guide, the other is the chauffeur driving the limo. Aaron November 15, 2014 5
6: The Escaped Prisoner Chris and Aaron escape jail, and must travel from the Austin Police Department to the train station in under two hours...while wearing handcuffs and asking for money. No one (Tie) November 29, 2014 6

Season 2

Episode Description Winner Air Date Link
1: The Yoga Experiment Aaron and Chris each host a yoga class and attempt to be the best yoga teacher. However, they each wrote poses for the other and won't know what they're doing until they're halfway through downward dog. Aaron September 17, 2015 1
2: The Pet Expo Competition Aaron and Chris exhibit at a pet expo but have designed the world’s worst line of pet products for each other. And when Aaron learns he has a center-stage presentation, things get very hairy. Chris September 24, 2015 2
3: City Council Proposals: Sex Laws & Ugly Tax Aaron and Chris visit the mayor and city council to propose new dildo regulation and a city UGLY TAX, bills they've written to embarrass one another. Aaron October 8, 2015 3
4: Cooking With Bugs and Poison Aaron and Chris put their culinary skills to the test as they attempt to out chef one another in the kitchen using insane recipes and gross ingredients chosen by each other. Chris October 15, 2015 4
5: Art Auction Prank War! Aaron and Chris host an art auction and compete to earn the most money. However, they've designed art to humiliate each other and won't know what they are selling until they reveal it on stage. Aaron October 29, 2015 5
6: High School Reunion Prank War Chris and Aaron incite confusion and fear at their high school reunions as they attempt to ruin each other's reputation, one prank challenge at a time. Chris Unofficially, see below. November 12, 2015 6

Finale Results

Official results were not officially announced at the conclusion of Season 2. However, #votechris[2] received 10x as many retweets as #voteaaron[3]. Using this data, Season 2 ended in a tie.


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