"Slow Mo Love" is the third episode in Season 5 of RT Shorts. The episode aired on May 23, 2013. In this short, Gavin gets more than he bargained for when an innocent encounter takes an unexpected romantic turn.

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The short begins with Samantha going into the kitchen, opening a cupboard, and trying to reach for a bottle. Gavin walks in and helps her get it down. They introduce themselves, and after staring at each other in the eyes for a little while, they kiss.

Little do they know they were kissing in front of a repairman. The repairman interrupts them and has Samantha sign the form. When the repairman's and Samantha's hands touch, they stare at each other in the eyes and kiss, and shortly afterwords, tonguing, while Gavin looks at them in disgust.

Gavin tries to get their attention but is ignored. He then forcefully separates them and confronts the repairman. After a small argument, they stare at each other in the eyes and begin to kiss, with Gavin licking the repairman's cheek. The kiss is short lived, however, when Gavin suddenly pushes the repairman away and claims that everyone has gone mental (But not before telling Chris to turn off the romantic music that was playing on a boombox). Gavin gestures for the repairman to come with him, but the latter stays behind with Samantha, who asks where he wants her to sign. Just as the repairman reaches over to pick the clipboard back up, Chris turns the music back on.

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Slow Mo Love – RT Shorts-0

Slow Mo Love – RT Shorts-0

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