Siri: The Horror Movie is an RT Short published on YouTube on December 20, 2011. This short features a faux horror movie trailer with Michael giving Barbara, Chris, and Joel an iPhone 4s for Christmas. The iOS application, however, is more sinister than expected.

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The short opens up with Michael, Barbara, Chris, and Joel all seated at a table celebrating Christmas. Michael gives each of them an iPhone 4s and Chris asks Siri "Hey Siri, what's the meaning of life?" She replies "Life has no meaning," making the group laugh until Siri goes on about how they will one day die. The next day, Joel asks Siri if he should turn right or left while driving, but she tells him to go straight, leading him into a fence and killing him. It cuts to Chris FaceTiming with Michael telling him to get out of the house when he hears a scream. When he tries to get his phone fixed, the repairman tells him that it isn't covered because of the water damage, with a mysterious man saying it's blood. Barbara is showering when she hears her phone vibrating on the counter. She opens the curtain to look at it, but her phone is behind her. It cuts to Chris trying to open a box and asking for a knife. Siri tells him there's an app for that and promptly stabs him, possessing his body. When Michael expresses his concerns, Chris reassures him, his eyes glowing red. Siri is shown dragging and attacking both Barbara and Michael and being buried. It ends with Michael and Barbara alone in the house, Michael saying it's dead since he forgot to plug it in.

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