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Shaun Bolen is a co-owner of Game Attack. Before GA, he was a community manager, content creator, and host of ScrewAttack. He is notorious for his loud and over the top yelling.

A graduate of the University of Texas with an English degree, he began working at ScrewAttack as an intern from 2011-2012 and received a lot of screen time, and even had a Clip of the Week for his original departure. During this time, he also wrote Reviews.

Shaun returned to ScrewAttack in 2014 and replaced Bryan as the Community Manager. Shaun would also take up the Advantage Program.

Shaun hosted several episodes of Top 10. He was also a writer and starred in every episode of The Industry.

In October 2016, he, along with Bryan, Craig, and Parker, all left ScrewAttack to form Game Attack.

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