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Shannon Lee McCormick is a classically trained actor who is best known for playing the role of Agent Washington ever since the character's debut in Red vs. Blue: Recovery One. He has continued to work with Rooster Teeth Productions ever since, voicing Professor Ozpin in RWBY and the Quartersiblings in Camp Camp. He also plays Dr. Abrams in Day 5. and has appeared in some episodes of On The Spot. On season 14 of RvB, McCormick wrote two episodes. Every RTX starting with 2014 has him organizing an improv comedy panel alongside many of his friends in the Austin acting circuit, including fellow RT voice actors Jen Brown and Lee Eddy.

McCormick came to RT at the recommendation of Asaf Romen (portrayer of the Counselor), along with his then improv partner Shana Merlin (who voices South Dakota).[1] He has two sons.



  • Shannon jokes he is Rooster Teeth's go-to actor for immortal characters, given Ozpin resurrects, Quartermaster doesn't age, and Washington survives terrible beatings.