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Screen Play was a podcast by Rooster Teeth Productions focusing on everything film and TV related. The show was hosted by J.J. Castillo with a changing side-host serving as the off screen informant. It was live-streamed and taped on Tuesdays for FIRST Members only on the Rooster Teeth website. It was released to the public a day after for everyone. Each episode of Screen Play was posted on to The Know's YouTube channel.

As an interactive portion for the audience, viewers could Photoshop a provided image of the hosts/guests with the best one being selected as the thumbnail for the video.

Screen Play went on hiatus after 23 episodes with the show being possibly considered for renewal or to be replaced. It was subsequently cancelled with such topics being taken over by the Rooster Teeth Podcast and Sponsor Cast.


Each episode contained various segments dedicated to certain areas of entertainment (movies, TV, etc.), with each segment having a timed amount of talking about each category.

During the beginning of each show, a quote from a movie was read so that the livestream viewers could answer by tweeting their responses at #ScreenPlay; the winner was revealed towards the end of the podcast. J.J. also introduced "Movie Book Club of the Week", a portion of the podcast devoted to the discussion of a particular movie (recent or old) and that gave the viewers the following week's movie title for the next Movie Book Club.

Set Design[]

The former Screen Play set

Screen Play was filmed on a specially made set in the Rooster Teeth Productions building at Studio 5. Screen Play shared the same set with other The Know shows.