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Samantha Céilí Duckworth is a freelance 2D Animator and Technical Director who has previously done work for Camp Camp and Nomad of Nowhere, where she was primarily focused as a 2D Effects Animator. She also worked as a 2D Character and Effects Animator and Technical Director for DEATH BATTLE! as an animator for Wiz and Boomstick. She was the animator behind the RTX 2018 Wiz and Boomstick DEATH BATTLE! 100th episode trailer. She's known around the studio for her insistence on exclusively referring to the Voltron character, Shiro, as "Mr. Shiro Voltron" as well as being the world's biggest (and only) Demyx fan.

She has mentioned on Twitter that her favorite Camp Camp character is Nerris, who she relates to due to her shared obsession with D&D and her deep love of Elves and Elven characters.

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