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For the Achievement Hunter, see Ryan Haywood.
What do you know about a man named Ryan Haywood?"
"Sounds like the name of a madman."
"He's an eccentric fellow, to be sure. He's the sole survivor of that dinner party massacre a few years back."
"I think I remember reading about that in the papers."
"Yes, a gaggle of idiots murdered down in Austin, Texas, some say for the better but somehow he survived and turned murder into lemonade.
The Colonel and Agent Moose

Ryan Haywood is a character in Eleven Little Roosters, who, after surviving the massacre of Ten Little Roosters, became a counselor for the Rooster Corps, where he helped root out saboteurs. After the death of Jack The Red, Agent Moose is instructed to make contact with Ryan. After succeeding in this endeavor, Ryan tells Moose that a German's blood was on a paper cut on a letter. Later on, Ryan appears to the Big Cock and Agent Moose, and tells them that three of the surviving agents seemed familiar, and revealed them to be former employees of Rooster Teeth Productions. After the saboteur was revealed, Ryan, along with Agent Moose and the Sex Von Shaukel Boys, faced off with Mavin and the Colonel, with Ryan being knocked unconscious by the Hammer of Cock, with him remarking that it seemed "awfully backwards from last time" as he regained consciousness. Afterwards, Ryan, noting he was "far less involved" than he thought he would be, considered retiring from the counseling job.