Brawlhalla Edit

  • There two alternate outfits called "The Mad king" and "Mogar" for the characters Sir Rolland and Gnash. These costumes are a reference to characters of the same name from the Rooster Teeth animated show "X-ray and Vav".

Forza Horizon 3 Edit

  • A Forzathon achievement entitled "Looks More Like a Puma" rewards the player with an M12S Warthog when completed. The achievement title is a reference to Episode 2 of RvB.

Gears of War Edit

  • The achievement "Is it a spider" is a reference to a line said during Episode 11 of RvB.

Halo GeneralEdit

  • The tires on the Warthog mention the name Puma. This is a reference to Season 1 Episode 2, when Grif says that he thinks the Warthog looks more like a Puma.
  • On, the Flag Kill and "Yoink!" medals both reference Red vs Blue. The description of Flag Kill mentions "It's right next to the headlight fluid," which is referencing Episodes 3 and 4 of RvB. When Red team tricks someone and steals something by surprise, they would say "Yoink!"

Halo 2Edit

  • In the Turf multiplayer map, there are two soda machines. One has a picture of a rooster with a blue silhouette on it, while the other has a picture of teeth with a red and green silhouette on it.
  • In the Beaver Creek multiplayer map, You can find the words "Why Am I Here" written behind a rock near one of the sniper spawns. This is a reference to the Episode 1 of RvB, "Why Are We Here?".

Halo 3Edit

  • During Crow's Nest, if the player proceeds down a corridor, a marine can be seen knocking on a door asking for a password to be let in. On different difficulties there will be different conversations with different stars of Rooster Teeth.

Halo ReachEdit

  • In Halo: Reach, some of the soldiers names in the Fireteam mechanic are the names of some of the people of Rooster Teeth.
  • During the level The Package, performing a special requirement allows the player to enter a special room called the Tribute Room, inside a database references Rooster Teeth and many other companies who have support Halo.

Halo 4Edit

  • In certain episodes of Spartan Ops, there are hidden UNSC radios which, when shot, play Red vs. Blue's opening theme. As a result of triggering this easter egg, dialogue during key moments of a chapter will instead feature humorous dialogue voice by the series' cast. Finding one of these easter eggs will also award the Roses vs Violets achievement.

Hitman 2016 Edit

  • In Chapter 5 on the Tongue Tied mission two NPCs refer to the "Puddle Pile" - referencing a "Things To Do In..." done by Gavin Free

Loadout Edit

  • Rooster Teeth was asked to create a trailer for the video game.


  • Michael and Lindsay appear during the cutscene.




See main article: The Tower of Pimps.
  • The Tower of Pimps created during the Let's Play Series got added into the tutorial world in Update 12.

Plants vs ZombiesEdit

  • On the bulliten board, the Achievement Hunter logo is seen, along with the phrase "Chevo-Hunters for hire."

Red Dead RedemptionEdit

  • In the Undead Nightmare DLC, a Chupacabra can be found and killed for an achievement called 'Chupathingy'. This is a reference to Episode 2 of Red vs Blue.

Rocket League Edit

Starwhal: Just the TipEdit

  • After the Let's Play, the Starwhal creators contacted Achievement Hunter and wanted to add their faces to the game.

Surgeon Simulator 2013Edit

  • The "gavichal" is an organ inside an alien, referencing the names of [Gavi]n/Mi[cha]e[l].
  • The "Like a Wet Paper Towel" achievement is a reference to a line spoken in the game's Rage Quit episode.

The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile Edit

World of WarcraftEdit

  • A Horde town in Twilight Highlands is called Blood Gulch. Within the town is an NPC named Griff.
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