The sixth season of Rooster Teeth Shorts debuted on January 13, 2015 and currently consists of twenty-two shorts.


Number Short Date Summary
1 "Fusion Confusion" January 13, 2015 Can Chris combine his romance skills and magic powers to win Barbara's heart?
2 "McKinley: Werewolf Slayer!" February 22, 2015 On their return home from killing a famous half-breed, a master hunter and his companions discover more danger awaits them in the woods ahead.
3 "Office Divorce" March 1, 2015 When Ryan is divorce-ambushed by Chris and his super lawyer, all hell breaks loose.
4 "Shaft Shots! A Social Media Camera App for Your Member Only" April 1, 2015 Introducing the first mobile dick pic app! Customize and create the perfect shot she'll never forget with Shaft Shots!
5 "Stage 5 Facility Tour" April 19, 2015 Come join us as we take a tour of the brand new Rooster Teeth Studios!
6 "A Self-Driving Car from Bing" May 24, 2015 Google better watch out, there's a new automated vehicle on the road. Introducing the Bing Self-Driving Car.
7 "Where's Waldo?: The Audiobook" July 6, 2015 Don't you hate wasting weeks, if not months, of your life searching for Waldo? Well, never fear. With the new Where's Waldo?: The Audiobook you can search for Waldo hands free, eyes free, and even mouth free. Never again will you waste your summer hunting for Waldo.
8 "Dick-tation" July 21, 2015 Chris's new style of writing puts the company's image in danger.
9 "Shady Agents Talk to Tom Cruise" August 3, 2015 Tom Cruise tries to have a private conversation with his slimy talent agents but gets interrupted by another A-list celebrity.
10 "Rooster Teeth's Hansel and Gretel" August 19, 2015 Lost in the woods, Hansel and Gretel come across a cheesy surprise. Thank you to Pizza Hut for sponsoring this short!
11 "9 Steps to Survive College" September 14, 2015 Heading back to school? Make sure you check out Rooster Teeth's tips for having the best year ever.​
12 "Office Luchadores" October 5, 2015 Burnie unveils his new plan to rid the Rooster Teeth offices of any staff conflicts.
13 "Murder Meeting" October 12, 2015 A secret meeting. A public place. Explosive possibilities.
14 "Ghost Fuckers" October 26, 2015 Join Devlin Boof and Carly Johnson as they attempt to heal the hearts of the dead. They not only search for ghosts, they have sex with them!
15 "Scorpion's Family Fitness Dojo" November 9, 2015 Visit Scorpion's Family Fitness Dojo to learn the best moves, the coolest tricks and the finest fatalities this side of Outworld!!!
16 "Rooster Bells - 2015 RT Holiday Musical" November 23, 2015 Join Rooster Teeth as we celebrate the holidays! There will be merriment, memories and MURDER.
17 "Starbucks Expands Holiday Cup Line" November 26, 2015 After much controversy over the red holiday cups, Starbucks expands it's cup collection.
18 "Ashley Fatison" November 30, 2015 Ashley Fatison is the easiest and safest way to cheat on your diet. Discretion guaranteed.
19 "How to Survive if You Don’t Like Star Wars" December 17, 2015 Not a fan of Star Wars and tired of being left out? We have the solution for you!
20 "NAUGHTY v. NICE" December 24, 2015 In the North Pole, children are divided into two categories: Naughty and Nice. However, in the North Pole Court of Appeals there are dozens of cases every year where this distinction is contested. This is one of those cases. Starring Aaron Marquis, Mike Macrae, Tom Booker, Atticus Nations, Knox Potter and Blaine Gibson. Written and directed by Bradley Jackson.
21 "Home for the Holidays" January 4, 2016 Joel meets his girlfriend's family for the first time. Starring Joel Heyman, Denise Downs, Dora Corpus, Rupert Reyes and Nathan Zellner as the voice of Pongo.
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