The fourth season of Rooster Teeth Shorts consists of seven videos posted from October 22, 2011 to March 30, 2012. It is by far the shortest Rooster Teeth Shorts season, and has yet to be included on a DVD release.

This season was originally intended to be the final season with the final short episode ("Murder For Hire") intended to be the series finale, since halfway through Season 4, Burnie announced the cancellation of RT Shorts in order for him and the company to work on other projects. However, the series was eventually revived in celebration of the company's 10th anniversary.


Number Short Date Summary
1 "Video Game President" October 22, 2011 Matt enters the American presidential elections, running as America's first video game president.
2 "Siri: The Horror Movie" December 20, 2011 Michael, Barbara, Chris and Joel fight for their lives against killer iPhone Christmas gifts controlled by evil Siri software AI's.
3 "Passing Through" February 7, 2012 Passing through a door gets complicated at the Rooster Teeth office.
4 "A Valentine's Day Video from Rooster Teeth" February 10, 2012 Will (played by Marshall) attempts to propose to his girlfriend Elaine (played by Samantha).
5 "How They Picked 2012 Best Picture" February 24, 2012 The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences committee (Matt, Joel, Burnie and Kathleen) attempts to choose the year's best picture.
6 "The Bitchorcism' March 23, 2012 An exorcism doesn't turn out to be quite as expected.
7 "Murder for Hire" March 30, 2012 Marshall attempts to hire Chris as an assassin.
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