The third season of Rooster Teeth Shorts consists of twenty-nine videos posted from November 29, 2010 to December 16, 2011. Twenty-nine of these shorts are included in the Rooster Teeth Shorts: Volume Three DVD.


Number Short Date Summary
1 "Starry Night" November 29, 2010 Gus makes a late night errand run.
2 "Non Compliance" November 30, 2010 Joel tries to avoid playing Kinect at a party.
3 "Farewell" December 3, 2010 The Rooster Teeth and Mega 64 guys say good bye after a week of working together.
4 "WikiLeaks Reveals Santa's Naughty List" December 17, 2010 No playground is safe this Christmas.
5 "Jump!" January 13, 2011 When something really awesome goes really wrong.
6 "8 Bit Interview" January 20, 2011 The hiring process is never easy, especially when your applicants consist of Shy Guy, Link and Peppy. Do a barrel roll!
7 "Picture Perfect" January 30, 2011 Matt has trouble when he gives Chris a photo assignment.
8 "Superbowl Funday" February 4, 2011 Chris explains to Marshall how he can have the best Super Bowl party ever.
9 "Switch" February 11, 2011 Joel tries to shed some light on an office problem.
10 "Severance Snackage" February 19, 2011 Burnie has his eyes on Brandon's sandwich.
11 "Inside Joke" February 26, 2011 Matt and Chris warn Burnie about the amount of coffee he has been drinking...
12 "Dastardly Painter" March 5, 2011 Man vs. Machine
13 "Minor Interruption" March 19, 2011 Gus brings a little problem into the office.
14 "Fight or Flight" March 26, 2011 It has begun. Angry Birds: The Movie.
15 "Rooster Teeth Productions Facility Tour" April 8, 2011 Burnie takes us on a lively tour of the Rooster Teeth production studio.
16 "Stalled" April 15, 2011 Crime knows no boundary.
17 "Silence Is Diamond" April 22, 2011 ...
18 "Untimely Discovery" April 29, 2011 Kerry makes an odd discovery while doing some yard work.
19 "Star Struck" May 6, 2011 Jon Graham, creator of Arby 'n' the Chief, stops by the Rooster Teeth office. Confusion ensues.
20 "Level Up" May 13, 2011 Joel, Chris and Marshall discover a dark secret in the Rooster Teeth building.
21 "A Pirate's Life" May 20, 2011 Jon lands in some hot water after pirating video games.
22 "Hunting Foul" May 27, 2011 Marshall and Chris go out on a hunting trip into the woods.
23 "Doomsday" May, 2011 Rebecca Black's version of the apocalypse
24 "Next Next Gen" June 3, 2011 Gus picks up the new Wii console early.
25 "The Atari Kid" June 10, 2011 A nerd is looking for love in all the wrong places until he meets a wise Dungeon Master who trains him on how to meet women.
26 "God Save the Brit" July 1, 2011 An enlightening interview revealing the true origins of the United States of America.
27 "Google+ vs. Facebook" July 19, 2011 Mark Zuckerberg reflects on the battle of Google+ vs. Facebook. Will Google+ make Facebook the new Myspace?
28 "Captain America" July 22, 2011 What are the side effects of Captain America's muscle enhancements? Is this a deleted scene from the new Captain America movie?!
29 "Danger Zone" November 25, 2011 Joel gets a little cautious around some safety warning signs.
30 "Heavenly Ends" November 18, 2011 Geoff is confronted by St. Peter of his video game sins.
31 "RT Short: Prank King" transcript December 16, 2011 Gus sucks at pranks.
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