The second season of Rooster Teeth Shorts consists of twenty-four short videos posted from April 24 to December 11, 2010. All twenty-four shorts are included in the Rooster Teeth Shorts: Volume Two DVD.


Number Short Date Summary
1 iPrototype April 24, 2010 Joel finds a prototype for a magical and revolutionary new product.
2 Downstairs May 6, 2010 Burnie and Joel debate an issue with the neighbors downstairs.
3 New Employees May 14, 2010 Burnie welcomes the new guys
4 Seconds May 21, 2010 Matt discovers that going back for seconds isn't always a good idea.
5 Spillover May 29, 2010 Gus does his worst for the environment.
6 Bloopers June 4, 2010 A collection of bloopers from season 2 of RT shorts.
7 Complaint Box June 12, 2010 Matt walks Joel through the new complaint system.
8 Coasting June 27, 2010 Joel asks for some tech support from Gus via iChat.
9 The Button July 3, 2010 Joel is visited by a stranger with an unusual proposition.
10 Stoppage Time July 9, 2010 Nathan steps in to regulate a dispute between Gus and Jack.
11 Paper Cut August 27, 2010 Matt helps Joel with a common office problem.
12 Frag Dude September 4, 2010 At PAX, Joel introduces the newest member of the Frag Dolls.
13 Credit Counseling September 10, 2010 Burnie discusses Geoff's recent charges to the company credit card.
14 Food War September 20, 2010 Joel and Gus introduce Jack to a totally new, totally disgusting game.
15 Many Years Ago... September 26, 2013 The guys check out the Rooster Teeth office for the first time and make some bold predictions about the future.
16 Scissors October 2, 2010 Will Joel find his scissors?
17 Stand Alone October 9, 2010 Brandon gets put in an awkward situation when Gus exposes his lack of depth.
18 Captcha'd October 16, 2010 Brandon raises Geoff's suspicions when he can't access a website.
19 Speechless October 22, 2010 Joel tries to have his lunch in peace.
20 Haunted Tales of Mystery October 30, 2010 Beware! These six chillingful Halloween tales of intriguery will suspensify you with their mysteriosity...
21 DMV November 6, 2010 Matt has license plate troubles at the DMV.
22 Fish Wish November 13, 2010 Geoff goes fishing and makes a new friend.
23 Unusual Suspects November 23, 2010 Gus takes a joyride.
24 Noted to Death December 11, 2010 Matt struggles to finish the final short while Joel keeps trying to change the script.

Trivia Edit

  • The DMV short was removed from both the Rooster Teeth site and YouTube due to the use of the "Don't Mess With Texas" trademark. The short can still be found in the Volume 2 DVD.
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