Rooster Teeth Podcast 545 is the third Rooster Teeth Podcast 'Steak-Off!'. This year, Barbara and Mariel competed against Gavin with Gus and Burnie as judges. Gavin created a hybrid of a McDonald's Big Mac and steak. Barbara and Mariel used a Sous Vide water bath system and a searing pan, similar to Burnie's previous cooking method.

Results Edit

Both, Gus and Burnie, voted in favor of Barbara and Mariel's steak.

Steak Off 2019 Winner audience poll
Gavin (61%)
Barbara and Mariel (39%)

Notable topics Edit

  • It is suggested that the next 'Steak-Off!' will be in May 2020. ⏱️
  • The ending portion of this podcast was devoted to the ending of Game of Thrones. ⏱️
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