Rooster Teeth Podcast 534 was the 7th annual pancake podcast. The title, 'The Biggest Pancake Ever', comes from Burnie creating a griddle-sized pancake after an hour into the show.

Notable topics Edit

  • Fyre Festival, a failed luxery music festival, is frequently discussed in this podcast.
  • Ashley and Burnie's kitten, Mush, has "retained deciduous teeth". ⏱️ ⏱️
  • Burnie criticizes Gus' pronunciation of "Antarctica" ⏱️
  • PancakeBot™, from 2018's pancake podcast, is pronounced dead. ⏱️
  • A "trail of flames" scene was cut from Lazer Team, injuring Burnie and Burnie's stunt man. ⏱️
  • Barbara asks Burnie about having kids coincidentally 5 days before Ashley made an announcement that her and Burnie are having a baby.[1] ⏱️
  • Barbara was called a "globetard"[2] on Twitter for believing in a spherical earth. ⏱️


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