I'm getting soaking wet from my co-workers.
Gavin Free⏱️

RT Podcast 505 is titled "The Dumbest Episode of the Podcast". Gus' comedic role from Blood Fest was cut. However, his footage is featured in this podcast. ⏱️

Notable topics Edit

  • Blain Gibson, coincidentally has the same name as the man who discovered wreckage of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, "Blaine Gibson". Blain was invited to appear on a podcast about conspiracy theories, which he was later uninvited. ⏱️
  • Michael Jones splashes water on Gavin. ⏱️
  • Jon asks if Friday the 13th began with the movie. ⏱️
    • Shortly after, Barbara asks if the color 'orange' comes from the fruit. ⏱️
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