...I said to Barbara: Did you ever think you'd have Burnie and Gus from Red vs. Blue cooking you steaks?
Gavin Free⏱️

Rooster Teeth Podcast 484 is the second "Steak-Off!". This year Gus and Burnie again cooked steak for Gavin and Barbara. This time, however, Patrick Salazar was a 3rd judge. Both cooks used the same equipment as Rooster Teeth Podcast 371. The only added equipment was a toaster oven, used by Burnie.

Notable topics Edit

  • Burnie talks about an idea he had to give people $100 and a disposable camera. These people would then return the camera with pictures of what they spent the money on. ⏱️
  • Several employees failed at their job's education equivalent
    • Wess, despite being a photographer, failed her photography class.
    • Burnie failed his Machinima class.
    • Matt Hullum was declined from film school. ⏱️
  • Gus visited a tile store that did not sell tile. ⏱️
  • Gavin announces the 'Vessyl' cup website is gone. Gavin will most likely never receive Burnie's $100 gift to him. ⏱️
    • Gus suggests "crowd funding insurance".

Trivia Edit

  • The opening set featured a ballpit which is a reference to a lackluster convention, DashCon.
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