The audience loves this pancake podcast but I dont know why because they dont get to eat them.
Gavin Free

Rooster Teeth Podcast #362 celebrates their fourth annual pancake podcast. This year, Burnie Burns is back as amateur cook.

Notable topics Edit

  • Immediately, the cast couldn't decide whether or not this was the third or fourth annual pancake podcast.
  • Gavin turned on a fireplace in an Air BnB. Doing so melted a pair of sunglasses owned by the repairman. ⏱️
  • Burnie talks about a Reddit post about prostate stimulation. Claiming its one of the hardest times he's ever laughed. ⏱️
  • Nick is invited to the sidebar to explain his escort experiences. ⏱️
  • Gavin suggests a website named "Internet Hole". ⏱️


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