Monty Oum, for all that you do for us here at Rooster Teeth, here is a red velvet pancake with some... stuff... that looks really gross but, its cream cheese icing.
Burnie Burns⏱️

Rooster Teeth Podcast 260 is themed as the second annual pancake podcast. The podcast ended early due to thundersnow.

Notable topics Edit

  • "" now exists from a joke made in the first pancake podcast. ⏱️
  • Barbara makes a dick pancake. ⏱️
  • Gus discusses employees taking the advertisement-intended NatureBox like animals. ⏱️
  • Barbara enlightened the podcast about 'Vulva Cologne'. ⏱️
  • Gus and Burnie talk about their 2014 SXSW panel titled "Alternative Careers in Gaming: The Science of Play Redefined as Art via Content Creation in the Ongoing and Evolving Paradigm of the Post-Network Media Environment. What Does It Mean To You? (featuring Rooster Teeth)".[1] ⏱️
  • Rooster Teeth's Cuisinart Griddler® Multifunctional Grill[2] automatically turned off. This problem also occurred a year ago. The griddle was retired after this podcast.⏱️
  • Burnie tells the story of how his son, Teddy Burns, refers to a floppy disk as a "save button". ⏱️
  • Gus worked in Sleepy Eye, MN where a guy named Bill had to reach into a barrel of Black Widow Spiders.⏱️

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