After three decades of our podcast we're finally going live streamed.
Gus Sorola⏱️

Rooster Teeth Podcast 185 was the very first live streamed video podcast. The set was used for the first time and it was minimally decorated. Because of the various audio issues, The Supplemental Podcast was released after.

Notable topics Edit

  • Burnie plays with Joe the Cat. ⏱️
  • Being the first live RT Podcast, the audio was low quality. ⏱️
  • Jack finds a "high quality" world map of the Earth's continents. ⏱️
  • Barbara makes her impression of Gavin. "Wot [what] if your legs didn't know they were legs?". ⏱️
  • Burnie's dad's siblings all had their Tonsils removed at the same time. ⏱️
  • Monty Oum is working on an, at the time, secret project. This would be later revealed as RWBY. ⏱️
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