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Roo Teeth was created by Caiti Ward, as the main Fan base for Rooster Teeth in Australia. It is also the biggest Rooster Teeth fan base outside of the United States. With over 5'500 members in the main Facebook group, Roo Teeth aims to bring the Australian community closer together and to provide opportunities for making friends and interaction.

Roo Teeth Panel Highlights - RTXAU 2016

Roo Teeth Panel Highlights - RTXAU 2016

Roo Teeth Panel Highlights - RTX Sydney 2016

Roo Teeth Online Edit

Roo Teeth is uses Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube to interact online. Every month, community gatherings are organised around the country, including during conventions such as RTX Sydney, Supanova, PAX Aus and Oz Comic Con. These gatherings range from simple dinner & bevs, to bowling, trampolining and ice skating.

On Facebook, Roo Teeth uses it's main group and a number of subgroups to cater to the community's needs.

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Roo Teeth Cares: Annual Charity Stream Edit

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Roo Teeth Charity Stream 2016 - with 17 hours to go

Roo Teeth also hosts a yearly Charity Stream, where the Community gets together to live stream on Twitch and raise money for a selected charity over a 24-hour period.

It also gives the members a chance to hang out, play games and participate in the stream itself.

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