Roman Torchwick is a character in the world of RWBY and a secondary antagonist.

He makes a very small cameo in the "Yellow" Trailer before being introduced properly in "Ruby Rose," orchestrating and participating in the robbery of a store titled: From Dust Till Dawn, the target being its supply of Dust, which was ultimately foiled by Ruby Rose.


  • Roman's main inspirations are Lampwick from Pinocchio (he even smokes cigars like the the Disney incarnation) and Alex de Large from A Clockwork Orange.
    • One of his transitions in RWBY Chibi, with Roman dancing in the rain, alludes to the scene where Alex beats an old man while performing "Singin' In The Rain".
  • Roman Torchwick was supposed to appear only in the first episode, but the crew liked Gray Haddock's performance so much the character was expanded and lasted for three volumes.
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