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Red vs. Blue: Singularity
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Filmed using Unreal Engine
Genre science fiction, comedy, drama
Running time ? min.
Created by Burnie Burns
Directed by Torrian Crawford
Written by Noël Wiggins
Joshua Kazemi
Ben Singer
Torrian Crawford (story)
Voices Fiona Nova

Jenn K. Tidwell
Jeb Aguilar-Kendrick
Noël Wiggins
André Ouellette
Christian Young
Hannah McCarthy
Daman Mills
Brooke Olson
Devin Finn
Jen Brown
Shannon McCormick

Production company Rooster Teeth
Release(s) November 8 to December 28, 2020
No. of episodes 8

Red vs. Blue: Zero is the eighteenth full season of Red vs. Blue. The season is co-directed and written by Torrian Crawford, Noël Wiggins, and Joshua Kazemi of Rooster Teeth's Death Battle, from a story by Crawford.

While central character models are still based on the Halo franchise, the season features environments and several characters using weapons and fighting monsters not featured in the Halo games, instead utilizing free assets from Unreal Engine, including monster designs from the cancelled game Paragon and weapons and character models from Ying Pei Games.

A first glimpse of the season was released in January 2020, showcasing a brief animated fight sequence between two unknown characters. Additional images and clips of other new characters were later promoted afterward midway through the 2020 year. The first episode, Viper, had an early premiere during the RTX@Home First Night livestream on Rooster Teeth's website, with a trailer being posted not long after, on September 15th, 2020.

The season was originally set to premiere on October 19, 2020, but was pushed back to November 9, 2020.

Torrian described the season as "Red vs. Blue meets Fast & Furious", changing from being comedy-driven to an "action-adventure, this action-heist kind of style," with scenes resembling both that franchise and films like The Raid, Flash Point and Ip Man, scripted in a way that was "a tropey season for the specific goal of just being fun, something you can just watch. It’s just meant to be fun. It’s not really meant to be overthought. This season is very aware of how cheesy it is." [1]


In Red vs. Blue: Zero, a mysterious syndicate leader known only as Zero seeks an Ultimate Power, and a ragtag team of heroes and misfits called SHATTER SQUAD must work together to save the galaxy.


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