Red vs. Blue: Season 15
Filmed using Maya

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Halo 3
Halo 2
Halo: Combat Evolved

Genre science fiction, comedy, drama
Running time 225 minutes
Created by Burnie Burns
Directed by Joe Nicolosi
Written by Joe Nicolosi
Voices Anna Margaret Hollyman

Joe Nicolosi
Jason Saldaña
Joel Heyman
Shannon McCormick
Jen Brown
Matt Hullum
Geoff Ramsey
Gustavo Sorola
Dan Godwin
Burnie Burns
Shannon McCormick
Andrew Matthews

Production company Rooster Teeth
Release(s) April 2, 2017 - August 20, 2017
No. of episodes 21

Red vs. Blue: Season 15 is a machinima/animated web series created by Rooster Teeth Productions. The season was first announced after the end of Season 13, alongside Season 14.

The season premiered on April 2, 2017 for Rooster Teeth FIRST members and April 9, 2017, for the general public. Series creator Burnie Burns initially stated that a new writer-director will be taking over from Miles Luna, who wrote and directed The Chorus Trilogy and contributed to Season 14. It was later confirmed that Joe Nicolosi, writer for the Season 14 episode The Brick Gulch Chronicles, will be writing and directing this season

Unlike the previous seasons, Season 15 is the first standalone season, with Joe Nicolosi explaining that the "story of the Blue versus Red will conclude at [episode] twenty-one," adding that the following season would be a completely new adventure. Still, it sets up many elements of the two season arc started by Red vs. Blue: The Shisno Paradox, and thus can be counted as the first part of that.

The main characters this season include Dylan, Jax, Tucker, Caboose, Sarge, Grif, Simmons, and Carolina. Major supporting characters include V.I.C., Washington, Locus, Donut, Lopez, and Doc. The primary antagonists are Temple and the Blues and Reds with Spencer Porkensenson, the Zealots, and the remaining Simulation Troopers serving as secondary antagonists.

Synopsis Edit

The award-winning, longest-running web series Red vs Blue returns with a vengeance with Red vs Blue Season 15 . A series of violent attacks across human space has people demanding answers. Who are these Reds and Blues? And why are they so bloody ruthless? One reporter sets out to uncover the truth, determined to find out why the once beloved Reds and Blues have turned so malicious, taking her on a galaxy-spanning adventure filled with many twists and turns.

Characters Edit

Interstellar Daily Edit

  • Dylan Andrews (17 episodes)
  • Jax Jonez (16 episodes)
  • Carlos Trabka (3 episodes; voice only)
  • Frank (1 episode)
  • James Adler (1 episode; voice only)

Reds and Blues Edit

  • Caboose (14 episodes)
  • Tucker (14 episodes)
  • Sarge (14 episodes)
  • Simmons (13 episodes)
  • Donut (13 episodes)
  • Carolina (11 episodes)
  • Lopez (10 episodes)
  • Grif (9 episodes)
  • Washington (8 episodes)
  • Doc (5 episodes)
  • Church (5 episodes)
  • Sister (2 episodes)
  • Freckles (1 episode)

Blues and Reds Edit

  • Temple (14 episodes)
  • Loco (13 episodes)
  • Surge (13 episodes)
  • Buckey (13 episodes)
  • Cronut (12 episodes)
  • Gene (12 episodes)
  • Lorenzo (9 episodes)
  • Zealots (3 episodes)
  • Biff (2 episodes)

Chorus Edit

  • Smith (2 episodes)
  • Bitters (2 episodes)
  • Palomo (2 episodes)
  • Jensen (2 episodes)
  • Dr. Grey (2 episodes)
  • Kimball (1 episode)
  • Santa (1 episode)

Project Freelancer Edit

  • Tex (1 episode)
  • Director (1 episode)
  • Four Seven Niner (1 episode)
  • Counselor (1 episode; voice only)
  • York (1 episode; photograph only)
  • North Dakota (1 episode; photograph only)
  • Wyoming (1 episode; photograph only)
  • Illinois (3 episodes; corpse only)
  • Arizona (3 episodes; corpse only)
  • Alaska (3 episodes; corpse only)
  • Maryland (3 episodes; corpse only)


  • UNSC Police (3 episodes)
  • Casio 01 (1 episode)
  • Casio 03 (1 episode)
  • Casio 06 (1 episode)
  • UNSC Guard (1 episode)

Others Edit

  • V.I.C. (5 episodes)
  • Locus (4 episodes)
  • Spencer Porkensenson (3 episodes)

Episodes Edit

Episode List
# Episode Title Running Time Description
1. Prologue 8:07 In the wake of a violent assault on a UNSC supply depot, one reporter (Dylan Andrews) is determined to find out the true motivations of its colorful attackers: a villainous gang known as the Reds and Blues.
2. The Chronicle 9:57 IDA Reporter Dylan Andrews begins her search for the Reds and Blues in Blood Gulch Canyon with the help of a new cameraman.
3. The Mother of Destruction 9:13 The search for the Reds and Blues takes Dylan and Jax to the crashed remains of Project Freelancer. While Dylan struggles to justify her continuing search against a lack of progress, a break in the story finally comes in unexpected visitors.
4. Chorus Lessons 12:00 Dylan's search concludes on the Planet Chorus, the last known hang out of the Reds and Blues before they vanished and embarked on a galactic crime spree. Stonewalled by an administration that doesn't trust the press, Dylan finds herself going to extreme measures to gain access to Chorus’ important figures.
5. Previously On 11:05 Investigative Journalist Dylan Andrews sits down with the notorious Reds and Blues to finally hear the full story of their actions since Chorus.
6. Reacts 10:17 The message sent by Kimball spurs the Reds and Blues into immediate action. Tucker and Caboose leap to the rescue, while Carolina and Washington urge caution and patience. Meanwhile, Red Team gets weird.
7. Nightmare on Planet Evil 10:51 On the search for Church, the Reds and Blues face their deepest fears in a haunted city.
8. A Fistful of Colours 11:57 It's all been leading to this. On a desert planet in the middle of nowhere, the Reds and Blues find themselves face to face with the truth of their colorful imposters. The truth is revealed, and it's something they never saw coming.
9. Rigged 10:06 The Reds and Blues get to know the Blues and Reds better and discover a familiar face among their ranks.
10. Battlescars 9:24 Agents Carolina and Washington have successfully followed the trail of missing Freelancers to the beach house of a former associate, Agent Illinois. While digging through their past hasn't yielded any revelations, it has managed to reopen old wounds for Carolina.
11. Belly of the Beast 9:34 Blocked by the Reds and Blues, Dylan decides to try and seek answers on her own. Sarge finally gets a shot at stardom.
12. Blue vs. Red 8:51 In a box canyon in the middle of nowhere, two teams are locked in a stalemate over a game of capture the flag. This is Blue vs Red, the Desert Gulch Chronicles.
13. Blue vs. Red - Part 2 10:09 A pair of Freelancers break the stalemate in the action-packed finale of the Desert Gulch Chronicles.
14. True Colors 13:40 The Reds and Blues begin to suspect their colorful counterparts of sinister designs.
15. Objects in Space 9:32 With the fate of the Reds and Blues hanging in the balance, one robot boldly goes where no one has gone before.
16. Grif Does a Rescue 8:57 Sarge finally gets his wish as the Blues and Reds deal with an unexpected intruder. The gang learns the hard truth about a lost teammate.
17. Quicksave 12:08 Free from their confinement; Carolina, Washington, and Locus make plans for the gang's escape. Sarge struggles with difficult orders.
18. Desolation 9:54 The Reds and Blues are shaken in the aftermath of their daring escape. Dylan phones a friend for answers about Loco's crazy machine.
19. Red vs Red 10:16 It's all out war between the Reds and Blues and their evil counterparts. The gang must overcome terrible odds to stop Temple before it's too late.
20. Blue vs Blue 13:43 It's Red vs. Red and Blue vs. Blue in the action-packed penultimate episode of Season 15. Temple is on the verge of accomplishing his sinister goals and there is only one group of primary-colored soldiers who can stop him.
21. Epilogues 15:34 Season 15 concludes with a mysterious visit from an old friend. Dylan finds her ending.

Other Episodes Edit

The Complete, Unabridged Story of Red vs Blue. Abridged Edit

  • Main Article: The Complete, Unabridged Story of Red vs Blue. Abridged.
  • Airdate: March 24, 2017

On April 1, 2003, five friends unleashed a sci-fi comedy epic known as Red vs. Blue. It took the internet by storm. Fast-forward fourteen seasons and countless "Bow Chicka Bow Wows", the longest running web series presents its biggest season yet. Catch up on all fourteen seasons, and don't miss Season 15, premiering April 2 on Rooster Teeth FIRST.

Caboose's Guide to Finding Your Home Edit

  • Airdate: December 12, 2017

A house is a little hard to define, even if you think you know what you're talking about. Unless you're a hermit crab. Then it's pretty easy.

Lopez's Technical Guide to EmpathyEdit

  • Airdate: February 4, 2018 (RTX Sydney), March 1, 2018

What does it mean to empathize? Join Red Team's resident robot in learning about the inner workings of the mind, feelings, and social interactions! Some assembly required.

Theme Edit

Consequence Edit

According to Joe Nicolosi himself, the season displays a theme of consequence, which is shown in various examples both small and large. Dylan's loyalty and ambition towards her job cause rifts in several of her relationships. Her disobeying the law in order to get her story at the UNSC supply depot causes her initial cameraman Frank to quit, tired of being imprisoned and shot at because of her actions. It is later shown that Dylan even has complications with her husband, James Adler, who questions whether she's committed to her job or her marriage. In addition, Dylan revealing Church's message to the Reds and Blues causes Grif to quit the group, something Dylan didn't anticipate.

The events of the season as a whole are caused by the actions of Carolina and Tex's rivalry, which resulted in Biff's death. As a result, Temple and the Blues and Reds make it their goal to hunt down and kill all Freelancer and UNSC personnel. Doc also betrays the Reds and Blues for their constant abuse and neglect towards him over the years, ultimately deciding to join the Blues and Reds. Tucker is forced to pay child support for several illegitimate children after impregnating several women on Chorus. In addition, Tucker's recklessness to fight the Zealots guns blazing causes Washington to get shot. Sarge drops Surge to salute, resulting in the latters death.

Some of the season's consequences, however, are positive. Dylan deciding not to kill V.I.C. but rather bring him along her investigation proved to be beneficial, as he was able to help her discover the Blues and Reds' true motives by hacking into Temple's computer. Locus' regret towards his actions during the Chorus Civil War leads him to turn over a new leaf.

Regret Edit

One theme the season presents is regret. Many of the characters, having been through several trials and tribulations, reflect on their past actions and wish they could go back and do things differently. Dylan, for example, shows regret after her conversation with her husband James, feeling guilty for not placing more time on her relationship.

Carolina expresses that she too still holds some regret for her actions during Project Freelancer, after seeing the life that Illinois pursued after his time there. She explains to Wash that she feels that she left behind a possible future with York and is unsure if she is able to start over, though Wash explains otherwise.

Locus expresses regret over his contributions in the Chorus Civil War, having vowed not kill another individual ever again. Though others still see him as a murderer, Locus strives to better and looks for ways to avoid violence.

Both Sarge and Grif express regret for abandoning their teammates, with the former siding with the Blues and Reds and the latter refusing to join them on their search for Church. Grif eventually teams up with Locus to help devise an escape plan, while Sarge ultimately sides back with the crew after freeing Dylan and Jax.

Tucker also expresses regret over the mistakes he made this season, particularly regarding his trust in Temple and the Blues and Reds and Wash getting shot due to his desire for revenge. It takes Grif to boost his morale and spur him into leading the others in stopping the Blues and Reds.

Doc later shows regret himself for betraying the Reds and Blues when he discovers what the Blues and Reds are really up to and was locked up for trying to stop them. He tries to make up for his betrayal by tending to Carolina after she finally collapses from exhaustion, despite Tucker's initial distrust of him.

Caboose express regret over not being able to say goodbye to Church after his death during the assault on the Staff of Charon or to thank him for being his friend. Though Caboose still held onto the belief that Church will come back because he had in the past, though that idea seemed to die when Temple played the uncut message that was sent to the Reds and Blues of Church calling command for help because Tucker and Caboose sent grenades into the toilet and it exploded.

Mirroring Edit

This season features the theme of mirroring as many elements mirror certain events, characters, and locations from past sagas. One primary example is the Blues and Reds who are a mirror of the Reds and Blues. Unlike the Reds and Blues, who grew somewhat content with the abuse they endured by Project Freelancer by overcoming it, the Blues and Reds grew more vengeful and improved as combatants by fueling their revenge. On the other hand, the Blood Gulch crew improved as fighters by fighting for more noble purposes. Desert Gulch itself can be seen as a decayed and grittier version of Blood Gulch, which also ties in with the contrast between the two sim trooper groups. While the Red and Blues now live better lives and became heroes, the Blues and Red didn't which ultimately led to their downfall, as several of them perished and the rest of the team were sent to prison for their crimes.

Trivia Edit

  • This season was confirmed two seasons in advance, a first for the series. This is likely due to Season 14 being an anthology rather than a continuation of the story.
    • Miles Luna has mentioned that this season would not continue directly after Season 13, likely indicating that there will be a time jump. This was proven true with the season taking place approximately ten months after the events of Season 13. This is the second season to start after a time jump, with the first being Season 2.
  • The season's synopsis is extremely similar to the storyline of the Halo 5 audio series, Hunt the Truth, in that a new reporter character must investigate the protagonists.
  • The idea of a reporter character investigating the Reds and Blues is not a new one for the series. While Season 2 was in very early development, the character of Doc was originally conceived as a reporter/ journalist. This is mentioned on the Season 2 DVD commentary.
  • With the move to the Halo 5 engine, the Reds and Blues (sans Carolina) now wear the full Mark VI armor (with the exception of Caboose's Mark V Delta helmet), after wearing the Mark VI armor with a Stalker Torso during the footage filmed in the Halo 4 engine previously.
    • Lopez now wears a standard set of Mark VI armor identical to the Reds and Blues, after using a unique armor setup throughout the Chorus Trilogy.
  • Oddly, in the marketing for this season Caboose is seen wearing a Mark IV helmet, while in the actual season he wears the Mark V Delta helmet (a replica of the Mark V helmet as it appeared in Halo 3, used in previous seasons). This is likely due to the fact the Mark V Delta was added into the game just before filming started, but after the promotional material was created.
    • Despite appearing in most of the season's marketing, Donut and Lopez's roles are still minimal compared to the other members of the Reds and Blues similar to The Chorus Trilogy.
  • This is the first season to not feature any PSAs during its run.
  • This is the longest canonical season in terms of runtime, being over three hours in length.
  • Season 15 contains a number of inconsistencies in CGI scenes.
    • Characters would change weapons in the middle of CGI scenes.
    • Washington's helmet design was closer to his Halo 4 design rather than his Halo 5 design.
    • Lopez is shown with a shade of brown closer to his Halo 4 design in CGI scenes.

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