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Red vs. Blue: Season 14 or RvB14 is the fourteenth main series of the popular web series. Unlike previous years, this season is a collection of short stories, written by various Rooster Teeth staff and other people who have worked with Rooster Teeth in the past, also shown in various different styles, ranging from Machinima to Animation, among others.

The first episode premiered on May 8, 2016

Announced Writers[]


Episode List
# Episode Title Crew Description
1. Room Zero Burnie Burns, Miles Luna Traditionally animated, it introduces the concept by showing Epsilon's struggles through his iterations.
2. From Stumbled Beginnings Kyle Taylor (director), Jordan Cwierz (writer) Halo 1 machinima, the "origin story" of how the Blood Gulch crew were picked.
3. Fifty Shades of Red
4. Why They're Here
5. The Brick Gulch Chronicles Joe Nicolosi Live-action\stop-motion, the Reds and Blues are depicted as Mega Bloks.
6. Orange is the New Red Joshua Ornelas (director), James Willems (writer) Halo 3 machinima (with a brief Halo 1 appearance), the misadventures of Red Army Unit FH57 (played by the Funhaus people), including a scene where they stumble upon Blood Gulch.
7. Invaders from Another Mother
8. The #1 Movie in the Galaxy: 3 Freddie Wong Live-action (with a brief Halo 4 machinima), the latest trailer in the Sarge series is Sarge v Tucker: The Origin of Sin.
9. Club Miles Luna Cel-shaded 3D animation showing the origin of Felix and Locus.
10. Call
11. Consequences
12. Fight the Good Fight Joshua Ornelas (director), Alex Leonard (writer) The Reds of Blood Gulch are featured in a propaganda film (featuring Halo 2 machinima).
13. Meta vs. Carolina: Dawn of Awesome Ben Singer, Chad James ScrewAttack's Death Battle features the greatest Freelancer, Carolina, against the most menacing defector from the project, The Meta.
14. Grey vs. Gray Joshua Ornelas (director), Barry Kramer, Miles Luna, Brian Wecht (writers) Halo 3 machinima featuring the Game Grumps, where two colorblind teams are involved in a murder mystery
15. Caboose's Guide to Making Friends Miles Luna 2D animation akin to RTAA where Caboose gives lessons on making friends.
16. Head Cannon Joshua Ornelas (director), Barbara Dunkelman (writer) Halo 2 machinima, what Omega found in other soldier's heads in the Season 5 finale.
17. Get Bent Allison Baker, Kyle Taylor (director), Chris Roberson (writer) Halo Reach machinima, Epsilon mistakenly has an iteration where the Reds and Tex are of the opposite gender.
18. Red vs. Blue: The Musical Nico Audy-Rowland, Miles Luna, Joshua Ornelas Halo 2 machinima (with a brief Halo 4 scene), a musical recount of the Blood Gulch Chronicles.
19. Mr. Red vs. Mr. Blue Kyle Taylor (director), Ernest Cline (writer) Halo 2 machinima, how between Season 5 and Reconstruction Tucker developed an obsession with Reservoir Dogs.
20. RvB Throwdown Jeremy Dooley A video of a rap battle between Sarge and Church (with a special appearance by Felix and Locus).
21. The Triplets Kyle Taylor (director), Shannon McCormick (writer) Halo 3 machinima, the story of the three worst agents of Project Freelancer: Ohio, Idaho, and Iowa.
22. The "Mission"
23. Immersion: The Warthog Flip Daniel Fabelo Live-action, an episode of Immersion revolving around how flipping a turned over jeep like in Halo could be done.
24. Red vs. Blue vs. Rooster Teeth Matt Hullum A freak accident causes Caboose, Sarge, Grif, Simmons and Lopez to end up in the Rooster Teeth offices and interact with their voice actors.



Red vs. Blue Season 14 Introduction – Trailer