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Recovery One is a Red vs. Blue mini-series distributed via Xbox Live and the Internet that takes place after the events of Out of Mind, as well as before and during Season 5. Its plot revolves around Agent Washington, also known as Recovery One, who is a Freelancer like Tex, Wyoming, and York. Washington's job is to recover all Freelancer A.I. constructs and equipment of Freelancer agents killed in action by an unknown entity.


Spun off from the main Red vs. Blue series, Recovery One occurs after the events of the Out of Mind Mini-Series and during Season 5 of the Blood Gulch Chronicles. Recovery One chronicling the adventures of the character Agent Washington.


# Episode Title Running Time Description
1 Part One 3:41 Agent Washington, aka Recovery One, recovers the Delta A.I. from the now deceased York.
2 Part Two 3:29 Washington talks with agent South Dakota about her brother's untimely death.
3 Part Three 4:42 Washington, Delta, and South discuss a soldier's recent attackings of Freelancers, taking their A.I. and armor enhancements.
4 Part Four 4:10 Washington and South confront the powerful enemy soldier.