Love RWBY? So do we! Join us live as we dork out on the latest RWBY episode, interview the cast and crew who make it happen, and end with the very first sneak peek of the next week’s RWBY episode!
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RWBY Rewind is a recap and discussion show introduced alongside CRWBY: Behind the Episode for RWBY Volume 5, hosted by Chad James and Yssa Badiola for season 1. Yssa is absent in the second season, as she joined the RWBY writers' room for Volume 6, and Chad was joined by Ellie Main and Jackie Izawa. Every week features a special guest from the show's cast and crew.

Broadcast live, at first on Tuesdays and later on Mondays at 5pm CT (10pm UTC), the cast discusses their thoughts and theorize what could happen next in the series - both Chad and his co-host(s) have been cut off from knowing the plot to avoid accidental spoilers and to engage with the community and discuss it together with zero knowledge of what's to come - while also discovering something about a behind the scenes aspect with the guest(s).

Episode 1 of season 2 was the first unlocked for non-FIRST users, and also available on YouTube. Following episodes went the same way. Season 2 also has a preview of the follow-up episode.

Season 1 (Vol. 5)
Episode Description Special Guest(s) Record Date Link
1 - Ruby Rose Rewinds With Us Join Chad James and Yssa Badiola as they discuss the season premiere of Rwby Volume 5 and talk with the voice of Ruby, Lindsay Jones. Also, get a FIRST Look at RWBY Volume 5 Episode 2. Lindsay Jones October 17, 2017 1
2 - Animating the Action Yssa and Chad talk action sequences and see previously unseen art from RWBY in an interview with two of the amazing artists who have helped make the show since day one. And there's a FIRST look at a clip from RWBY Vol. 5 Chapter 3. Patrick Rodriguez, Dustin Matthews October 24, 2017 2
3 - The Sounds of RWBY Chris and Alena from RWBY's illustrious audio team drop by to share some "sound advice," Chad and Yssa learn how a foley artist makes the sound of Crescent Rose firing a shot, and there's a FIRST look at RWBY Vol. 5 Chapter 4. Chris Kokkinos Alena Lecorchick October 31, 2017 3
4 - Making RWBY Fights Tight Chad and Yssa get into the wacky mind of RWBY animator Austin Hardwicke, who sheds light on all the intricate steps involved in making the many fight sequences in RWBY so very tight. Austin Hardwicke November 7, 2017 4
5 - Shaping RWBY into a Diamond This week, Yssa and Chad interview two of the classy RWBY editors who explain the many facets of editing such a complex and lovely beast like RWBY. Stan Lewis, Connor Pickens November 14, 2017 5
6 - Shaping the RWBY Reunion Join Chad and Yssa as they discuss RWBY Volume 5, Chapter 6 and interview the CRWBY team behind the RW_Y reunion! Also, Get a behind the scenes look at how animation, layout, compositing, and lighting all come together to make RWBY happen. Amanda Gotera, Melanie Stern, Kim Newman, Kate Warner, Christine Stuckart November 21, 2017 6
7 - What It's Like To Be Yang We took Yang right out of RWBY and put her on RWBY Rewind to see what makes her tick. Of course we're talking about Barbara Dunkelman, the voice of Yang! Chad and Yssa discuss Yssa's delayed reaction to characters' bird names and Chad's pants. Barbara Dunkelman November 28, 2017 7
8 - Weird Mocap Moments Yssa and Chad talk RWBY with producer and motion capture specialist Paco Vazquez. Paco talks about who plays the Grimm and other RWBY secrets, then busts out some sweet jokes before facing the dreaded lightning round. Luis "Paco" Vazquez December 5, 2017 8
9 - New Michael Jones RWBY Character Revealed Chad, Yssa, and Michael Jones dive deep into Sun Wukong's origin story, a new RWBY character is revealed (kinda), and a historic lightning round is played! Michael Jones December 12, 2017 9
10 - The Smoke, Fire, & Explosions of RWBY The RWBY visual effects team visits RWBY Rewind to show off some of the incredibly cool tricks of their trade, while Yssa and Chad dissect the thrilling events of RWBY Volume 5 Chapter 10. Jeff Yohn, Quentin Holtz December 19, 2017 10
11 - Can We Talk About Weiss Yssa nurses a busted heart, Chad puts on a brave face, & RWBY Lead Producer Koen Wooten shares NOTHING! But Layout/Story Artist Rachel Doda maintains a pleasant demeanor as she walks us through her impressive contributions to RWBY. Watch out for spoilers! Koen Wooten, Rachel Doda January 2, 2018 11
12 - Plot Twist Central Chad and Yssa explore and expand on a huge RWBY episode. Erin and Sean from the art team drop by to chat concept art and rigging. Yssa feels better.

Erin Winn, Sean Stephenson

January 9, 2018 12
13 - All The Answers Co-hosts Yssa and Chad host RWBY co-writer/co-director Miles Luna and director/co-writer Kerry Shawcross in an exciting episode bursting at the seams with co-lossal answers to co-mmunity questions about RWBY. Kerry Shawcross, Miles Luna January 16, 2018 13
14 -  Jessica Nigri Brings Cinder to Life! - #14 Chad and Yssa host a stirring finale feauring Jessica Nigri and Gray Haddock, the voices of villains Cinder and Torchwick. They discuss the RWBY Volume 5 finale, and Gray gets a secret message from the Couch of Doom. Jessica Nigri, Gray Haddock January 24, 2018 14
Season 2 (Vol. 6)
Episode Description Special Guest(s) Record Date Link
1 - Yang Out with Barbara Chad is joined by Ellie Main and Jackie Izawa as they recap RWBY Vol 6 Episode 1, answer question sent in by the community, and interview the voice of Yang: Barbara Dunkelman! Barbara Dunkelman October 30, 2018 15
2 - Exploring Cut Concepts Chad, Jackie, and Ellie host RWBY Art Director Pat Rodriguez], the mind behind the designs of tons of your favorite RWBY Characters. They discuss Vol 6 Episode 2, answer your questions and theories, and dive into some of the unused concept art in RWBY. Patrick Rodriguez November 6, 2018 15
3- RWBY Lore Keeper Chad, Ellie, & Jackie recap a lore-packed RWBY episode and interview Eddie Rivas [sic], the Lore Keeper. They cover Vol 6 Episode 3, respond to your questions and theories, and give Eddy an impossible test. Eddy Rivas November 13, 2018 16
4- The Mind(s) of Ozpin Chad, Ellie and Jackie dive into the mind(s) of Ozpin as they interview special guest Shannon McCormick! They also recap Volume 6 Episode 4 of RWBY, respond to your questions and theories, and look at a sneak peak of Volume 6 Chapter 5. Shannon McCormick November 20, 2018 17
5- RWBY Remixed RWBY Rewind explores the sounds and music of RWBY with Audio Lead Chris Kokkinos. Chad, Ellie, and Jackie also cover Volume 6 Chapter 5 of RWBY, answer questions from the community, and take a look at what RWBY would be like with a different musical direction. Chris Kokkinos November 27, 2018 18
6- Ruby Rose Returns RWBY Rewind is joined by Ruby herself: Lindsay Jones! Chad, Ellie, and Jackie recap Volume 6 Episode 6 of RWBY, answer questions from the community, and challenge Lindsay to THE LIGHTNING ROUND! Lindsay Jones December 4, 2018 19
7 - The Reaper Maria Calavera joins in on the RWBY Rewind action! Chad, Ellie, and Jackie recap Volume 6: Episode 7 of RWBY, answer questions from the community, and have a chat with Melissa Sternenberg about this season of RWBY. Melissa Sternenberg December 11, 2018 20
8 - Justifying Jaune's Anger Join Chad, Ellie, and Jackie as they interview Miles Luna, recap Volume 6 Chapter 8 of RWBY, and answer your questions about the episode! Can Miles survive THE LIGHTNING ROUND? Miles Luna December 18, 2018 21
9 -Shipping RWBY with Captain Yssa - #9 Join Chad, Ellie, Jackie, and returning host Yssa Badiola as they recap Volume 6 Chapters 9 and 10 of RWBY. Prepare for an in-depth look at your theories, reactions, and the rare DOUBLE LIGHTNING ROUND. Yssa Badiola January 8, 2019 22